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Buds Book Club

Hello there and welcome to Heather’s Corner, a place where you can find out what books will soon be released, and which ones are suitable for your children.

I will be regularly loading book reviews, author interviews and other book related news.

What the book clubs are reading this term

Willa and Woof: Mimi is Missing

By Jacqueline Harvey

Penguin Australia

Author Jacqueline Harvey knows all about kids. She has worked in schools for many years and has a passion for storytelling. Willa and Woof: Mimi is Missing, is the first book in a series for young readers. Willa is a young girl who is always finding herself in trouble. Luckily, she has her best ‘four-legged’ friend to help, Woof. This book tells the story of friendship and honesty. Suitable for young readers who are just starting to read by themselves especially those who love animals!

· Ages 5+

· Contact Julia via WeChat if you want to buy a copy.


By Roald Dahl

Penguin UK

You can’t go wrong with books written by Roald Dahl. The Buds Book Club is reading The BFG so we can have a special Roald Dahl celebration in September! But the story is about friendship, helping others and overcoming bullies. The book may need to be read aloud to young readers, but older children can easily read it themselves. · Ages 7+ · To buy a copy visit:

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