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Welcome to EQDemic School

EQD教育中心经过二十余年的教学实践,如今整合教学资源,在坚持强化基础知识教学、奖学金应试技能培训的前提下,融合情商教育,为在校生提供情商与学术相结合的课程,以全面提升学生的核心竞争力。我们能够协助不同年龄的孩子达成各阶段的学习目标;激发孩子潜能,完成冲刺计划;最大程度地帮助孩子在不同阶段的奖学金考试、精英学校以及精英班考试中发挥出自己的最佳水平,并实现智商 和情商的全能培养! 


15-25 分钟内完成一篇结构紧凑、语法通畅、内容新颖的文章。同时提升学生的数学解题速度和做题技巧,确保考场上的精准作答。 


Eqdemic School - With over 20 years of practical teaching experience, EQDemic School aims to arm students with the knowledge and qualities to succeed academically and personally. In addition to enhancing fundamental understanding and targeted scholarship exam techniques, EQDemic integrates EQ-based (Emotional Intelligence) teaching with IQ-based (Academic) teaching to provide holistic mentoring for your child. Our accelerated program helps children of all ages to achieve their various learning goals, and allows them to reach their maximum potential in their corresponding stages of the scholarship tests and other elite exams. We encourage and guide our students to realise the greatest potential of both their academic excellence and character!

Academic - We have refined and distilled the curriculum to the individual focuses of Reading Comprehension, English Grammar, Writing, Fundamental Mathematics and Logical Reasoning (which includes Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning). We supplement our sophisticated teaching program with weekly mock exams and one-on-one tutoring after class with our dedicated teaching assistants. The brand new syllabus and homework tasks that run parallel do not only lay a solid foundation for further education, but also cater for the increasingly steep demands of the scholarship examinations. 

For students who are preparing for the scholarship examinations, we have also specifically set up holiday preparatory and accelerated classes. These tailor-made classes help students quickly discover their passion and inspiration for writing, and improve the accuracy of their grammar, vocabulary and logical writing structure. We will enable your child to complete a well-structured, grammatically sound and intriguing essay in fifteen to twenty-five minutes. Furthermore, enhancing our students’ problem solving efficiency and examination techniques in mathematics is also a top priority to ensure utmost precision under exam conditions.

Emotional Intelligence - During our parent sharing sessions and guest seminars, we establish an ideal platform for honest and effective communications between parents and students. Together with the parents, we aim to educate healthy, happy, confident and disciplined individuals who have a drive for continuous personal development. In addition, the annual Ivy League and Oxbridge study tours in July and September will provide aspiring students a valuable opportunity to experience the daily lives of high achieving students in these prestigious international institutions. Beyond getting a taste of each university's unique learning experience in the world-renowned lecture halls and laboratories of Harvard, Yale and MIT, students will also visit the headquarters of major technology conglomerates such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google to discuss their ideas and aspirations with industry leaders, to stimulate their minds and to enrich their personal experiences.

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