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EQD教育中心经过二十余年的教学实践,如今整合教学资源,在坚持强化基础知识教学、奖学金应试技能培训的前提下,融合情商教育,为在校生提供情商与学术相结合的课程,以全面提升学生的核心竞争力。我们能够协助不同年龄的孩子达成各阶段的学习目标;激发孩子潜能,完成冲刺计划;最大程度地帮助孩子在不同阶段的奖学金考试、精英学校以及精英班考试中发挥出自己的最佳水平,并实现智商 和情商的全能培养! 


15-25 分钟内完成一篇结构紧凑、语法通畅、内容新颖的文章。同时提升学生的数学解题速度和做题技巧,确保考场上的精准作答。 


Eqdemic Coaching School - With over 20 years of practical teaching experience, Eqdemic Coaching School aims to arm students with the knowledge and skills to succeed, with the premise of enhancing basic knowledge and scholarship skills . Eqdemic integrates Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence) education with Intelligence Quotient (Academic) education. We help children of all ages to achieve their learning goals at all stages, motivate children to complete the sprint program, and help them to reach their full potential in difference stages of scholarships, as well as elite exams. We push students to achieve the highest potential of EQ and IQ!

Academic - We refine the curriculum to encapsulate English reading, grammar, and writing as well as basic mathematics and logical thinking (emotional logic, mathematical logic and graphical logic). This all culminates together in weekly mock exams and private one-on-ones with teaching assistants. Our refined syllabus can not only cater to basic learning and teaching, but also the high demand for exceptional scholarship exams.

In order to prepare scholarship students, we have also set up holiday scholarship preparatory classes and sprint classes to enable children to quickly establish a passion for writing, as well as to improve the accuracy of children's grammar and vocabulary. Furthermore, we aim to enhance the children's writing logic and provide a framework in which the student can complete a grammatically clear, compact and succinct novel article in 15 - 25 minutes, in addition to heightening the speed of mathematics problem solving skills.

Emotional Intelligence - We promote the Parents Sharing Session and the Celebrity Lecture Hall to establish appropriate resources sharing bonds for parents and children through class discourse and lectures. We work with parents to create  happy, healthy, confident and self-disciplined talents with a large potential for growth. In doing this, we embark on school study tours in July and September, the "American Ivy League" and "UK Oxford and Cambridge", this will provide a unique opportunity to live with American and British school students. Not only will students experience the Harvard, Yale, and Massachusetts lecture halls and labs, they will also experience the famous lifestyle of these campuses. We will also visit the headquarters of major tech conglomerates  such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and other industry leaders.

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