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Zadie Ma and the Dog who Chased the Moon

By Gabrielle Wang

Penguin Australia

Another book for animal lovers! All Zadie wants is to have a dog of her own, but her mother won’t allow it. But Zadie has a superpower – when she writes stories, they come true! This story will be loved by children who feel they don’t fit in and by those who love stories. Author Gabrielle Wang is a wonderful storyteller and artist who has created a very special book.

· Ages 7+

· Contact Julia via WeChat if you wish to buy a copy.

The Book of Wondrous Possibilities

By Deborah Abela

Penguin Australia

This is a wonderful book about books, the power of stories, friendship, and bravery. The story will help readers who struggle with courage and friendship. Arlo lives with his uncle in a run-down flat above their bookshop. He has no friends except for his little mouse, Herbert. One night, a girl races into the shop and begs Arlo to hide her from a murderer! From here, the story gallops into wonderful fantasy and great action.

· Ages 8+

· Contact Julia via WeChat if you wish to buy a copy.

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