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August and Jones

By Pip Harry

Lothian Children’s Books

The author Pip Harry loves to tell stories about friendship and overcoming hardships. August and Jones is a story about Jones, a girl who meets August, a boy who is about to go blind. An amazing friendship grows, and the two friends learn what bravery and loyalty are all about. Inspired by a true story, August and Jones will be enjoyed by both boy and girls.

· Ages 9+

· Contact Julia via WeChat if you wish to buy a copy.

A Little Spark

By Barry Jonsberg

A&U Children’s Books

Barry Jonsberg is an author who understands older readers. As an English teacher in a high school, he knows what kids want to read. One of his books has been made into a feature movie and two others are in production. A Little Spark tells the story of Sam, a girl who is struggling with the divorce of her parents. When her mother decides to move to England, Sam must decide who to live with. A book for older readers, A Little Spark is humorous as well as heartbreaking.

· Ages 10+

· Contact Julia via WeChat if you wish to buy a copy.

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