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Introducing Our Teachers

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Hello! My name is Heather Zubek. I have been a teacher for over 30 years, educating children and adults in Queensland, Western Australia and now Victoria. As a teacher of gifted children, a library teacher and Primary School teacher, I am passionate about discovering just how my students think and learn. My favourite lesson is when I can bring children and books together in a relevant and inspiring way. As a writer, I continue to write for local and national publications, as well as just for the fun of it!  I look forward to helping your child become the best writer, a book lover and the most informed world citizen they can be.

Hi, My name is Claire Bell and I am a 20 years experienced English teacher in both state and private schools. I am author of Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic which is a book on how to use commas correctly. I enjoy writing and reading and I am also a freelance writer for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. Currently I am English course content writer for University of Tasmania. I have been with EQDemic for last 4 years and I love my students by inspiring them to read, think, talk and write.  


Hi, my name is Suzanne Pi. I am currently a student studying Education/Arts at Monash University. It has been my greatest pleasure being an English tutor at EQDemic coaching school. Throughout my childhood I’ve been inspired by so many teachers which has made me take on teaching as I aspire to be like them: compassionate, patient and enthusiastic. I have been a private tutor teaching English, Chinese and Maths for the past few years and have dedicated time to volunteer at many different schools. I am passionate about teaching because its very rewarding being able to share my knowledge, I love how I can develop strong and positive student teacher relationships and I love challenging my students and watching them achieve their goals. 

Hi, my name is Peter Symons. I am high school English teacher. I am very enthusiastic and believe in fun, positive learning focused on celebrating successes. I can tailor my approach to each individual student and will enable everyone to achieve their potential.

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Hi, my name is Janine Pfeifer. I have been taught English literacy for a few years at EQDemic School. I'm a freelance writer with an academic background in Arts majoring in Performance Art where I developed an intrinsic knowledge of writing and reading for a wide variety of audiences and purposes.

Hi, my name is Natalia Kuna. I have worked at EQDemic for 15 years as an English teacher. Several years back she was appointed as Head Teacher of Grade 3, which entailed overseeing teachers & contributing towards  curriculum and examinations. I have a diverse background in English Teaching. She has taught English as a Second Language at well-known international language schools (Cambridge International College in Melbourne and Nova in Japan) and have worked independently as an English Consultant/Tutor for both adults and students of all ages, concentrating on education and business. I have worked as an Education Supervisor at a prominent museum in New Zealand., and has assisted families in preparing students for scholarship.

More Teachers' Biographies are Coming
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