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Friday Night Fun with Authors

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Your friday nights will never be the same again!

On the last Friday of each month, Zoom into some fun with Friday Night Fun with Authors! Each month your favourite author will Zoom in to your lounge room to talk about books, reading, and writing! At the end of the session, cuddle up for our special bedtime story. Wear your jammies (that's your PJs!) and bring along your teddy bear for some Friday Night Fun!!


Who is Deborah Abela?


Deb was born very short and had funny ears, but that didn't stop her being a very smily baby. When she grew up, she was still short, a bit clumsy and not very brave, which may explain why she writes books about spies, ghosts, soccer legends and children living in a flooded city, battling sea monsters and sneaker waves.

Deb's family never had a lot of money, but every week her mum would buy a Little Golden Book at the supermarket for 40 cents, until slowly Deb had her own library of books. Some of her favourite books at school were The Lorax and Professor Branestawm.

Deb was always an adventurous kid and lived in her head a lot. It was there she went on brave adventures as she swung from the swings in the park pretending she was dangling from planes. She once even jumped off the garage roof thinking if she ran fast enough she could make it all the way to the pool. It wasn't a happy ending.

Travelling Deb


She loved school, especially English and drama. She was in the debating team, on various sports teams where she tried her hardest not to get trampled and even became school captain. After becoming a teacher, Deb went to Africa in search of adventure and found herself caught in a desert sandstorm, harassed by monkeys and thrown in jail ... twice!

After three years she came home, went back to uni to study Communications and became the writer/producer of a national kids' TV show called Cheez TV, where she wrote about everything from llamas to bunny jumping and how astronauts go to the toilet in outer space. Hmm ...

Session time: Friday Night (26/08/2022) 7-8pm on Zoom

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