Friday Night Fun with Authors

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Your friday nights will never be the same again!

On the last Friday of each month, Zoom into some fun with Friday Night Fun with Authors! Each month your favourite author will Zoom in to your lounge room to talk about books, reading, and writing! At the end of the session, cuddle up for our special bedtime story. Wear your jammies (that's your PJs!) and bring along your teddy bear for some Friday Night Fun!!

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Are you a fan of the Alice-Miranda stories? Clementine Rose? Or the Kensy and Max series? You will love the next Friday Night Fun with Authors on Friday 27 May at 7pm!
The author of these popular books, Jacqueline Harvey, will zoom in from New Zealand to chat about her writing and her amazing characters. 

Jacqueline has a 20 year career in education, as a teacher and finally Deputy Head of Junior School at the Abbotsleigh School for Girls in Sydney. She gave up teaching in 2012 so she could focus on being a writer.  Jacqueline’s books are read by children around the world and they have won many awards. There are even two animated Alice-Miranda films!
Join us on Friday night at 7pm to have a fantastic night with Jacqueline. We will also be giving away copies of her books to lucky winners.

Session time: Friday Night (27/05/2022) 7-8pm on Zoom


你是否也幻想自己可以像Alice-Miranda 和Clementine Rose一样坚强勇敢?

你是否也想拥有一次同 Kensy 和 Max 一样的华丽冒险?

你一定会喜欢 5 月 27 日星期五晚上 7 点的与作家同行活动!

这些畅销书籍的作者Jacqueline Harvey 将从新西兰空降我们的周五zoom与作家同行大讲堂,聊聊她的作品和她创造的那些令人惊叹的角色。

Jacqueline 在教育领域拥有 20 年的职业生涯,并曾担任悉尼 Abbotsleigh 女子学校的小学部副校长。她在 2012 年放弃了教学,以至于可以全身心地投入到创作当中,专注于成为一名作家。

Jacqueline的作品深受全球各地宝贝们的喜爱,她的作品多次获得了最畅销书籍的殊荣。在小读者们的强烈要求下,甚至创作和发行了两部Alice-Miranda 的动画电影!

如果你也喜欢Jacqueline和她笔下的人物, 让我们相约在5月27日晚7-8点的EQD空中ZOOM大教室和Jacqueline 一起见面吧。